Homesick Intern Creates Star Wars Wall

In a highly predictable turn of events, I covered every square inch of my RA corkboard with Star Wars propaganda  posters, art, magazine and book pages.


Nothing says, “I spent a lot of time at Lucasfilm this summer,” like a 4-Foot 3PO.

Knowing me, I had to show love to Lando (the king of all things), tease Rogue One and mount the Star Wars Celebration coloring pages!

The idea that these pages appeared over 5,000 miles away is unbelievable, still. Can we talk about how the SWCE Closing Ceremony Reel is making me cry actual tears?! And I just got this futon…

I hope the wall gives you some ideas for turning your own dorm room into a brand shrine.

May the Force Be With You!

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5 thoughts on “Homesick Intern Creates Star Wars Wall

  1. JOYYYYYYYYYY — There was a bunny here today and I poured green tea all over my desk and broke the keyboard. Lucas has some news jokes (all terrible) and Justin fell in love with a hat made out of cork (who does that?). In other words, everything is pretty much the same. We miss you, have a great RA Time!

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    1. Or a better question – who makes a hat out of cork?! You don’t know how much this update has touched me – thank you! I miss y’all being a part of my daily routine and I’m excited for this next adventure 🙂


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