Find Joy in Your Journey

How do I get interviews and offers? How do I build a personal brand? How can I get promoted and grow?

People have been asking me for internship experience, job hunting tips and admissions advice since 2014. I have helped thousands get hired with my tips, and love doing it, but the demand from my network of over 15,000 became overwhelming. So, I decided to launch an ONLINE COURSE!

Click here for the trailer

Since matching my purpose to my profession and launching my #personalbrand online, I’ve received admission to high-ranking universities, internship offers at top entertainment and tech companies, invitations to speak around the world and features of my work in over 100 media outlets.

“Find Joy In Your Journey” is open now, and will answer every question you have about finding energizing work, applying to fewer jobs expertly, getting into programs, building a speaking career and snatching your promotion.

Here’s a taste of what you might learn as one of my students!

Pre-registrations are rolling in; learn more and join my students here:

Seeya in class,

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