Introducing Our First Dating Unsettled Production Partner: Exciting Changes Ahead

I am thrilled to announce that Fanbase has joined as the first production partner for my show, Dating Unsettled! Download Fanbase (fa free)

Fanbase is a social media app designed to connect fans with their favorite celebrities, athletes, or content creators and I am excited to partner with them to take my show to the next level visually. I know it’ll make it better for YOU as a viewer/listener.

You deserve de very best: beautiful decor, crispy creamy angles, guests you know & love, extra episodes and conversations inside Fanbase every week! With Fanbase’s support starting on May 2nd, we will continue to provide unscripted and thought-provoking conversations on dating, relationships, and the unsettling mess that come with it all.

GET READY: Download and follow me on Fanbase, stay subscribed here and on all podcast platforms – visit the DU Website

We thank you for your support and look forward to this new chapter in Dating Unsettled’s journey.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and new episodes with our first production partner, Fanbase!

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