Resume Glow-Up

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Does your resume need a glow-up? Shop your resume with me – learn all the Do’s & Don’ts I’ve discovered from securing 11 professional roles over 5 years, including internships and projects with the NAACP Image Awards, Instagram, Facebook, Lucasfilm and the Los Angeles Times. Come out with a bangin’ resume.

Terms of the Glow

  1. Complete the Resume Glow-Up Form below. You will begin receiving regular status updates from me by email.
  2. After you receive a confirmation from me, you will be asked to pay via Venmo, FB Messenger Pay, cash, or check.
  3. I will go HAM on your resume within the timeline specified. I check for grammar, punctuation, formatting, readability, font size, color, chronology, quantification and precipitation. I want your resume to make your experience glow. I’ll apply guidelines learned from my time in Admissions, Career Development & personal professional experience. I will also independently evaluate how closely it matches your desired position to help you beat the Evil Applicant Tracking System.
  4. SUPER GLOW ONLY: I will reach out to schedule a call (30 min-1 hr) about your resume, experience, and desired position to make sure we’re achieving maximum glow, line by line. If you don’t have a desired position, we’ll ensure it fits your career trajectory.
    This in-depth call is me teaching you how to fish instead of fishing for you.
  5. I will email you a shiny, new resume, ready-to-use + a page of corrections and suggestions (if you opted against the Super Glow) 

Rates (compare)

Quick Glow – $25
includes Steps 1-3, 5 (resume review & return with corrections + suggestion)

Super Glow – $70
includes Steps 1-5 (resume review & return with in-depth call + application advice)

Normal 7-Day Turn-Around – FREE
Rush 24 Hour Turn-Around – $20

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