“From Joy to the World” Takes Flight

FlightExcuse the pun, but let’s jump right in!

A first blog post is like a thesis, is it not? It should establish the blog’s reason for existence, emit a clear, stylized voice and guide the rest of the posts.

However, my mind is everywhere! I’m thinking about using it to showcase my studio photography and graphic design, the illustrious fruits of my erratic labour in the Adobe Creative Suite. I’d also like to share some day-to-day happenings here at the University of Southern California. As an Annenberg Scholar and Annenberg Admissions Ambassador, I’m exposed to some really cool environments: distinguished lectures, film screenings, red carpets, networking cocktail mixers…

Snoozefest! This blog meets at the intersection of my personal and professional journey to become a multi-million dollar-earning entertainment & media professional. As my ambassadors blog post mentions, I’m on the right track for becoming just that.

These are updates from me (Joy) to you (the World). So sit, back, relax and enjoy the show! We can all hope, for my sake and yours, that it’s an entertaining one.

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