Photography Portfolio

I'm here to capture the real you...
...because you mean business.
Who am I to stand between you and your goals?
All photos tell a story.
What's yours?

What Clients Have to Say

I cannot thank you enough for these photos! I’m in love!!!

From scheduling the sessions to receiving the photos, Joy was very accommodative and will put in the work to capture your vision […]

Thank you for the shoot and the quick editing!

There’s nothing quite like a good set of photos to make you feel like a million bucks, and that’s exactly what Joy provided […]

She proved to me that you cannot fake happiness for a camera, but once it is authentically captured, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing […]

She made me feel extremely comfortable on camera, and found a great balance of giving direction while letting me do my own thing […]

You literally put a permanent smile on my face today. Thank you so much for capturing such a special time in my life.ย Love them. All of them.

Joy - White-01

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