The Beach – Do I Have To?

Anyone who knows me knows that the beach is one of my least favorite places to be. So they’d be surprised to know that I got my feet (well, my whole body) wet with a bout of swimming, splashing and rock-skipping in the ocean today! The sands were white, the tide was high (and I was holding on) and the views and colors were all around amazing. I was actually dreading getting into the water as I hate sand with a passion and haven’t been seen in a swimsuit in any large body of water in awhile, but I found myself having quite a bit of fun at the lagoon, and later, the beach 😀

We definitely got to experience more Hawaii than yesterday and I had no complaints at all! I spent the remainder of the day cooling down with iced treats from local restaurants (my wallet is not thanking me right now) and merrily editing photos. I think I’ll walk down to the yacht pier and be generous with my camera shutter tomorrow..

p.s. We’re going to the Polynesian Cultural Center next week, so stay tuned for what I hope will be incredible photos and stories!


One thought on “The Beach – Do I Have To?

  1. Joy: 1) Your blog is amazing and I just spent the last 20 minutes reading through all of it. You’re certainly going places, my friend!
    2) Years ago, I went to Hawaii and visited the Polynesian Cultural Center and it is simply a phenomenal experience! Enjoy!


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