XPerimenting: Watch Me on BET’s New Show Tonight @ 11:30!

BTS quick shots courtesy of my mentor :)

Thanks to my entertainment industry mentor, ( A programming director at BET Networks and a USC Alumnus) I received the opportunity to visit the set of The Xperiment, BET’s newest show! The Xperiment can only be described as an experiment – a wacky, viral-video infused, Ridiculousness-esque sketch comedy show created to drive viewership and draw major laughs.

>>To see my national television debut, click here!<<

Charismatic hosts Mike P and Amberia Allen were on call to deliver hilarious commentary on the latest viral videos – picture tons of embarrassing falls, awkward dancing and black celebs getting into tricky situations. Comedian and all-around entertainer Mike P demonstrated an extreme amount of energy and dedication at the studio, despite only being attached to the projects for a few weeks since its green-lighting. “It’s new, but it’s taking off,” he shared. To what does the comedian owe his success? “I used to be in radio for a few years. Then I did stand-up, and look, now I’m here! I read the script every day before I see the teleprompter. Practice. That’s the only way to get better, you know? You gotta practice, practice, practice.”

Hosts Mike P and Amberia Allen

After the daily shoot, I got to lunch with the cast and crew. Personal branding and social networking were the most highly-discussed topics over catered tamales, pupusas and churros. Ms. Pretty Ricki and I swapped Instagram and Twitter tips. As a frequent special guest to the show, Ricki provides side-splitting relationship advice and constant eye-candy! She is most certainly one to watch. A new brand of viral entertainers has taken charge of this special project, and I got to join them for a cool minute 😉

Now that you’re an informed viewer, I hope you’ll hit your DVR/tune in tonight to see a verrrry familiar face contribute to the craziness that is BET’s Xperiment!

Me + My fellow mentee, Andrea!


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