Steal 10 Tips From Hollywood Media Guru Karyn Bosnak

karyn + dog
Screenwriter, OG crowd-funder and Los Angeles-based social media guru, Karyn Bosnak, gave me the scoop on how to make your social presence absolutely lit. Ready?

1. “Analyze the brand’s social media presence + find their home.”

What are they doing well? What are they doing wrong? On which platforms do they post frequently or have the strongest following? Pick one & run with it!

2. Review analytics and hone in on their target audience

“Analytics are so important these days, especially on the job.” Without the numbers, you can’t prove your success. So get comfortable with opens, click-through rates and reach! Figure out who’s reading, when, what they like to eat for breakfast and how many posts they clicked on before they got sick.

3. “Add photos to all posts. Don’t leave anything in plain text. This can increase engagement from 10% to 60%.”

‘Nuff said.

4. “And learn Photoshop.”

Most companies won’t have a graphics dude to do your bidding, so learn the tools of the trade and start making your own content! Be a powerhouse. Why not?

5. Ask questions of your followers

Anything that has a question mark after it? Will prompt your followers to answer? Therefore driving engagement?

6. On Twitter: “Under 110 characters does better than under 140.”

7. “Put fun posts ahead of boring ones to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm.”

Facebook will promote posts from accounts who update frequently and are engaging (duh). Any post that follows a good one will get more attention, so if you have something boring to say, wait until the algorithm is in your favor!

8. Drown yourself in synergy with other brands

Reach out to similar companies and organizations, retweet, respond, get into good-natured #beef and go crazy

9. Respond to tweets and posts to show that there are people with a sense of humor behind the brand.

“Zappos always tweets me back with a funny line when I post pics of their shoes. None of it makes sense but I love it, and I’m always going to have a positive, memorable association with something funny.”

10. “It’s totally okay to re-post on Twitter.”

When a post sinks into a Timeline, it’s gone. You can post the same message multiple times a day and no one will be up in arms about it!

Got enough to start a social media empire? Of course you do! Go with my digital blessings!


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