“Don’t Be Upset About Your Journey.”

On Thursday, I made my scholarly way down to the gorgeous Pacific Design Center in Beverly Hills to attend the IW Group TLF Workshop, an invitation extended on behalf of The (incredible) Lagrant Foundation, an organization bent on opening “the proverbial door for minorities by providing the necessary resources and tools not commonly available to many minorities entering the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations.” IW Group Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer, Bill Imada, led the workshop and clued us in on new opportunities in Media Planning/Buying, Creative Development and Experiential Marketing.

AALF1006 Bill Imada

He advised us to scrap elevator pitches and become expert listeners, soaking in networking situations and identifying key convo topics with prospects and contacts. Of the big, brilliant treasure-trove of advice that Bill had to impart upon us, this line struck me hardest:

“There is no one way from Point A to Point B. Don’t be upset about your journey. Enjoy your journey and learn from it.”
– Bill Imada

In the past, interviewers have inquired about my “one weakness.” I now think that it might be zero-ing in too hard on my own journey and obsessing over my Point B without stopping to truly appreciate Aa or B2. We all want that 1 job, 1 interview, 1 spotlight (i.e. Point B). But Bill’s words made me realize that there are a variety of B’s and that I should make more of an effort to be patient and respectful of my own journey. Maybe I should be more of a ghost-writer with my fate. No need to force it; it could very well write itself.

Big thanks to IW & TLF!

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