You Can’t Take The Intern Out of the Disney

I made wonderful, conspiratory*, spontaneous (methinks a week in advance is spontaneous for young professionals with our schedules) plans to meet up with Baymester Bae and USC Young Alum Alexa Youssefian on the Disney lot!


If you’ve been following any of my tweets since I left Lucasfilm this summer, you know that I miss my Disney Intern fam and the Star Wars brand something fierce! Catching up with Alexa about her work on different Disney accounts, career pursuits & Annenberg memories was therapeutic, to say the least.


What do two well-meaning interns with 14 minutes to kill do in their spare time?


Oh, yes.

Impressed, I was by the Rogue One display with a multitude of plastic #GoRogue actors (do you feel a Star Wars short film competition entry coming on?) and by the adorable Moana plushes DCP just rolled out!


I walked away with a reversible Death Star/Stormtrooper holiday beanie, because LA just started getting a little windy, and a sweet TWDC site-exclusive Stage 1 pin! It was a pleasure to finally see Disney doings down in SoCal!

Have a magical day (and make a point to catch up with good friends!)

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