Meeting Jackie Aina at Vidcon (LIVE VIDEO)

I still get the warm&fuzzies when I think about meeting Nigerian beauty guru Jackie Aina at Vidcon on Thursday! The YouTube cosmetic Queen has over 1.4M subscribers on YouTube and a shlick 555K on the Gram!

Since your girl was already at Vidcon with my team from Instagram, I had to do some exploring and attend the Successful Beauty Channels and the Creators Behind Them panel that Vidcon invited us to!

I took a few shots of the girls on the panel (but tbh I was really there for Jackie)
Look at her glow!

After the panel, there was a Q&A, so I hopped on Instagram Live & stepped up to the plate! I couldn’t help but be SUPER Nigerian, and that kicked things off well:

At 0:29 I fasho started breaking down, because I admitted that I didn’t start believing that I was beautiful until I began following Jackie’s channel! Finally, after some crowd reacts and tear recovery, I asked:

Are there ways that you remind yourself “Yes, I belong”… when the people you collaborate with, work with may not look like you?

Watch the rest of the video to hear about Jackie’s lived experience as “the token”, how she supports and uplifts smaller channels and what she wishes would change about the beauty industry:

Speaking with Jackie really felt like the end to a full circle. I grew up with so many beautiful girls who didn’t look a thing like me, many of which met European or Asian beauty standards and absolutely slayed daily looks while I struggled to find a lip or shadow that didn’t make me look and feel dark, ugly, ashy, etc. Foundations in my shade were hard to come by. My social media feeds were full of long, sleek hair, caramel skin and gigantic, heat-made curls. I couldn’t find me when I searched for beauty advice, so I wrongly assumed that I didn’t fit.

Then I found Jackie’s channel, and Zuri’s and Shantania’s and Kiitana’s. And self-love was possible. And dark skin was in. And the pencils and sticks and powders and creams actually made sense for my face.

I’ve finally arrived at a point where I love my skin, and my whole look.


It’s like I told Jackie on the mic: “I’m good, now.”

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