Trojans 360 – 3 New Visual Stories

Where have I been?

Aside from shooting portraits and events for business, I’ve been shooting all semester with a purpose for Trojans 360, the official blog of USC Student Affairs.

I love that the office has given me the freedom to write about/shoot around topics that matter to me and my community at USC. Recently, I’ve challenged myself by shooting more at night, and the results have been fruitful. My three newest stories (all shot within one week) illuminate what it’s like to be the University’s shadow photographer. And here, I treat you to some unpublished shots:

Best Flicks: Conquest 2017

Every year, during rivalry week, McCarthy Quad transforms to create the Conquest experience

Kitwana – How Black Greek Life was Reborn at USC

Kitwana is a Swahili word, meaning that one vows ‘to live.’

Trojan Athletes Turned Kappa Brothers

Officially recognized as Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.(Beta Omega Chapter), USC’s chapter, integrated with LMU and Pepperdine, gained five Trojan members.

I’ll be shooting more (and writing the occasional funny) when we return from Winter Break! Let me know what you think of the stories!

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