Cancún + Yucatán, México Travel Tips

During Spring Break, I had the opportunity to escape to Cancún and the Yucatán with the girls!

After moving into the resort on the first day, the sunset and beach waves were all we had eyes for:

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Work it something vicious

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Like somebody taking pictures

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One could call our vacation a Really Overpriced Photoshoot, but taking photos proved to be a great opportunity for creating content abroad, reflecting on our experience and coming closer and closer to complete body acceptance!

Our next day was almost exclusively a beach day. Blue waters, fake tattooos, new friends, jet skis and non-alcoholic cocktails from 9-9 (accompanied by an ugly crop top tan and writing assignment dragged from the depths of my LA, pre-Spring Break hysteria)

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I'm not looking at the phone (as much)

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Too much [] been going on

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But while we got this moment of peace alone….

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That day was perhaps the most peaceful (when do you ever literally get to lie out and soak up the sun?!) and we spent the night dancing away with Black students from across the US, London & South America!

Finally, the most culturally enriching experience involved hopping on a bus to take a 2 hour + journey to and through the Mayan Yucatán (peep my IG Story highlight for roadside details)! We visited the Hubiku Village and Park (below) which was highly reminiscent of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii:

And I had the honor of crossing of a major (newfound) bucket list item, which was to take a dip in a glistening cenote:

And before a final day’s rest, we traversed the ruins at Chichen Itza! Pictured below is my easygoing smile before an hour of pouring, muddy rains and heavy Mayan ritual history:

I would absolutely recommend at least a weekend in Cancún and day in Yucatán if you’re considering a trip to México! If you’re an excited tourist like me, consider also the following tips:

  • Don’t eat lettuce, ice or drink water unless bottled or risk an upset stomach/sickness
  • Don’t walk alone in the day or nighttime. Hide your valuables and use your street smarts, just like you would in LA, SF or any other major city
  • Get an all-inclusive resort package so as not to worry about food!
  • Book your airport shuttle with a travel company before arriving to México
  • Bargain for everything! No price is set for tourists
  • Speaking competent Spanish will get you major brownie points
  • Fat Tuesday in Cancún is a Black dance spot. Go with friends!
  • Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen if needed
  • Fly Southwest roundtrip – great prices, customer service, familiar airport terminals & flexibility
  • Use Hopper to set low price flight alerts and find an optimal time/price for your flight!

Speaking to a few of you, I know I’ve already inspire some to go visit Cancún – let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks to @theblacktravelclub for the feature and shoutout!

Con amor,

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