Meet Adonis, Twitter’s Viral Dreamer

@adonis_1120 (7.8K)
New to Los Angeles
Let’s Launch A Career


Hundreds of thousands across the TL saw Adonis Williams’ monologue go viral just a few weeks ago (March 13th) and suddenly, the NJ native had his entire hometown, Nike employee family and LA entertainment community (myself included) on his side! After a shload of positive feedback and support, Adonis was able to make the successful move to launch his dream of starring in commercials, film and television.

Thanks to his killer good looks, he has also been affectionately nicknamed “Michael C. Jordan”, a moniker he is respectfully eager to escape.

I recently reached out to the talented actor via Twitter, and today, we were able to secure several bags with his first set of legit LA head shots! Check ’em out below:


What do you think of his head shots? Let me know on Twitter!


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