#AdornedAbroad Solo Trip Essentials

Keep reading for a complete packing list!

On my Instagram and in real life, I’ve been promoting #AdornedAbroad to encourage women of color to get out there and see the world, to take up every space on this planet despite the misperception that we don’t travel or aren’t welcome!

On the contrary, my recent solo trip was an amazing opportunity to exchange cultures with folks in Madrid, Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Rome & Dublin!

Though I didn’t explicitly pre-plan my daily itinerary, I did ensure that all of my belongings fit on my back! Here are my #AdornedAbroad travel essentials for an 8-day solo trip:

Packing & Misc.

  • Travel-sized backpack
    It’s advertised as a Men’s backpack, but when have I ever let that deter me?
  • packing cubes
    Watch my IG Story Highlight “FJTW” to see how I used each cube!
  • journal & pen
  • water bottle bag
  • appropriate currency & credit/debit cards
  • city maps (obtainable in destination country)
  • mini umbrella
  • fanny pack
  • passport
  • paper copy of your passport (for safety)


  • shirts (4-6) I packed 2 from AdornedbyChi!
    I told the story of these shirts in the Instagram post above, but no words can express how grateful I was to bring these tiny slices of home & identity with me on my international trip! For any girls traveling solo or anyone thinking of a cool gift for a boss in ya life, consider one of these tees!
    Use code JOYOFODU for a discount by 5/28!
  • bottoms (3)
  • dresses (2)
  • comfy shoes: 1 sneaker, 1 sandal
  • bra (1) / socks (4) / undies (7)
  • bonnet (1)

Toiletries & Vanity

  • brush
  • lil lotion
  • moisturizer
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • shower cap
  • makeup BASICS
  • tweezer
  • nail clippers
  • deo
  • bandages
  • basic meds: pain, motion, anti-inflammatory, upset stomach, allergy, dailies


Yes: all of that fit on my back & I never had to stop for baggage claim or miserably roll a checked bag over Europe’s infamous cobblestone streets. If you use these tips to pack, let me know how your trip goes!

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