2 Year Instaversary + XoNecole

Joy Ofodu on XoNecole homepage

Today, I celebrate ⚡️2⚡️YEARS as a full-time employee with a feature on @xonecole (by @signedshonda) and a reflection of the ways #shareblackstories came to life in the past work year.

My past year in the workforce is the fruitful result of combining work & play, one that involved:

✔️a music festival sponsorship

✔️a parade sponsorship

✔️global growth work

✔️production in Mexico

✔️sticker launch in Brazil

✔️global brand review

✔️a Black business workshop

✔️industry speaking

✔️diversity recruiting

Promoting our projects or engaging in interviews is difficult right now, but it’s vital. I’m inspiring students and professionals between calls to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING about inclusion at work. I hope someone sees this and is inspired to tip the scales, shake the room, and make demands for #inclusion – I leveraged my platform to bring my community up and deepen my expertise as a business leader. It didn’t make me a pariah: it got me promoted. I want everyone to feel empowered to CREATE that culture in the workplace.

Now: I continue my commitment to Black users in my work and stay hungry.

You can find a Highlight of my 2nd year at IG on my IG! Look for “IG 2″😚

Thanks for all the support that empowered me to get this far,