FJTW on The Wkender Blog


That wasn’t as difficult as I thought!

When my friend JT called and asked to interview / direct a photoshoot of ME based on my personal STYLE, I laughed out loud. I feel like I’ve always struggled with style, never deeply cared what was trending, always wore clothes that clashed and felt like it was difficult to achieve the dainty femininity I wanted in my 5’9″ athletic body. Every once in a while, I can bust out a look, but I’ve only started dressing pretty recently.

You’ll remember from my days at thredUP that I was a huge Thrifter: this was a blessing because it enabled me to pivot my wardrobe pretty quickly/ get into any trends that piqued my interest. But it also left me with heaps of inexpensive-to-me garments and fast fashion throwaways. 

Only now in my adulthood have I truly learned that it’s more beneficial to the environment and my peace of mind to really invest in well-made clothing: $50 tops, $80 bottoms, $100 dresses, jackets and jumpsuits, $80-$100 shoes. Teenage me would have laughed at you, saying $10, $15, $20, and $30 were her limit, respectively.

Here I am, with a necklace I happily thrifted at Rag-A-Bone in Little Five Points for Afropunk ATL (jewelry must come cheap to me because I break/lose it so often) a well-made top from Verishop, some fast jeans I couldn’t let go, Vince Camuto booties and the cutest Coach purse.

In this interview, I talk about my style, hair, purpose x professional pursuits, and how I unwind. Feel free to read to learn more about me, lately 🙂

Thanks, JT, Don (photographer) and TheWkender!

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