Grad School Decision

📚I’m going to Business School!📚

I was recently admitted to the Master of Science in Marketing program at Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business and will start in the Fall 🎉

Several barriers stood in my way when considering #gradschool – Will I have to give up my role at Instagram? Should I wait for a full-tuition merit scholarship (like USC?) Does it have to be an MBA ?

Am I cut out for this?

I almost talked myself out of an ideal program for my life right now, something I am beyond capable of.

📚I can complete this program while working full-time + remotely at Facebook

📚I can do my best to finance this degree given my responsible habits post-graduation, and continue to pursue scholarships which recognize I’m at the top of my industry + a high-performing student. Worth it either way.

📚I don’t need to follow anyone’s path on the type of degree I obtain. I haven’t gotten this far by blindly emulating others. I create opportunity for myself with strategic academic pursuits.

I am rising from the ashes of this climate and eager to be a student again. Bring it.

Go Broncos,

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