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Tyrell Wilson Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

Tyrell Wilson (March 8, 1988 – March 17, 2021)

Tyrell was a peaceful man who had a place in our community and we are in solidarity with his family’s mourning and fight for justice. He was shot at point-blank range by the Danville Police Department on March 11 during a mental health crisis. Thank you for showing up and taking a stand against police brutality, racial injustice, and inadequate emergency services for people in mental health crises.

Two young men, Laudemer Arboleda and Tyrell Wilson, have already lost their lives at the hands of a single Danville Police Officer, Andrew Hall. Right now, our tax dollars are supporting Andrew Hall’s paid leave as he seeks to transfer out of the Danville PD to work in another part of Contra Costa County.

Here’s What We Need

Help us demand the following from The Contra Costa County (CCC) Sheriff, CCC DA, and Town of Danville:

  1. That Andrew Hall be charged for the murders of both Laudemer Arboleda and Tyrell Wilson.
  2. If Hall is not found guilty, that Hall be decertified to ensure that he cannot enter back into active duty as an officer again, anywhere.
  3. An investigation into the pattern and practices of the CCC Sheriff and Police Depts.
  4. That District Attorney Diana Becton, as well as an additional independent body, conduct a robust and transparent review of all cases where Hall used force against a person (including PC 148 and PC 69 cases), all cases where he claimed force was used against him, and all cases where his credibility played some role in a conviction.
  5. That the District Attorney start the evaluation from the standpoint of vacating convictions unless there is some overriding justification for not vacating the conviction under the highest evidentiary standard for review.
  6. That the district attorney notify every person arrested by officer Hall of their current charges, and that this notification occur through counsel and include the associated case number.

Action 1: Sign Digital Petitions



Action 2: Write a Letter, Email or Call using the template and list of contacts for local representatives


Dear Contra Costa County ______________________,

My name is ____________________________________________________________ and I am a Contra Costa County resident. On March 11th, Contra Costa County Sheriff Deputy and Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall shot Tyrell Wilson as he was having a mental health emergency, leading to his death. Three years ago in 2018, Officer Andrew Hall also discharged his weapon leading to the shooting death of Laudemer Arboleda for which Hall is still being investigated. Officer Andrew Hall is now responsible for the death of two people who were struggling with mental health crises. This highlights the urgency for a community reckoning. We demand that the Contra Costa County Sheriff Department does the following: 1. Commits to a transparent investigation by an independent agency which includes expedited release of all video footage related to the shooting of Tyrell Wilson immediately 2. Removes Andrew Hall from both Danville Police force and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department 3. Halts Andrew Hall’s pending transfer request 4. Decertifies Andrew Hall so he can never serve as an officer again. Hall has proven his inability to work calmly to preserve the safety of the community, and it is our responsibility as constituents of Contra Costa County, and your responsibility as our representatives, to speak out when injustices happen. We cannot allow tragedies like this to happen any longer, and this begins with removing Andrew Hall and ensuring he cannot wield a deadly weapon again. No one in the throes of a mental health crisis should be shot.

Thank you,





Contra Costa County Sheriff:

David Livingston (Sheriff)

Jimmy Lee, Dir. of Public Affairs:



Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff 

1850 Muir Road

Martinez, CA 94553

Contra Costa County District Attorney:

Diana Becton


DA’s office PIO Contact:

Scott Alonso



Contra Costa County Office of the DA

10 Douglas Dr. #130

Martinez, CA 94553

Danville Representatives:

Renee Morgan (mayor):

         Email: rmorgan@danville.ca.gov

         Phone: (925-918-3999)

Newell Arnerich (vice mayor):        

         Email: narnerich@danville.ca.gov

         Phone: 510-366-0716

Karen Stepper (council member):

         Email: kstepper@danville.ca.gov

         Phone: 925-314-3378

Robert Storer (council member):

         Email: rstorer@danville.ca.gov

         Phone: 510-343-4415

Dave Fong (council member):

         Email: dfong@danville.ca.gov

         Phone: 925-963-3637

Links to other official’s contact portals:

Rebecca Bauer-KahanState Assemblymember, CA-16https://lcmspubcontact.lc.ca.gov/PublicLCMS/ContactPopup.php?district=AD16
Steve GlazerState Senator, CA-7https://sd07.senate.ca.gov/contact/email
Mark DeSaulnierCongressman, CA-11https://desaulnier.house.gov/contact
Eric SwallwellCongressman, CA-15https://swalwell.house.gov/contact
Diane FeinsteinSenator, CAhttps://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-me
Alex PadillaSenator, CAhttps://www.padilla.senate.gov/
Rob BontaOffice of the Attorney Generalhttps://oag.ca.gov/victimservices/contact

Action 3: Attend CCC Meetings Virtually and Read the Demands

There are several upcoming town and county level meetings that you may attend and make your voice heard: 

Meetings will be updated shortly.

Resources: Organizers



Slack workspace

Current organizers include: Gigi Crowder (NAMI Contra Costa), Taun Hall (The Miles Hall Foundation), Wanda Johnson (Oscar Grant Foundation), Tiana Day (Youth Advocates for Change), Chloe Taufer (Students Demand Action), and Sanjev deSilva (Director of DEIS, The Athenian School). Thanks also to the many members of Moms Demand Action and Save Democracy.

More Info:

Certain action items, such as the firing of Andrew Hall, lay entirely in the hands of the Contra Costa County Sheriff, David Livingston.  Other demands, such as the complete decertification of Andrew Hall, are contingent upon him being convicted of his crimes so that his Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification is revoked. 

Thank you for your commitment to making Danville a community that stands up to hate and injustice in all of their forms. 

If looking to get organized more formally, please join the Slack (email me) or keep an eye on the Linktree.

  • Resources, Contacts and Templates by Veronica Benjamin and the Justice for Tyrell Wilson Action Committee
  • Co-signed, Joy Ofodu