Joy as Phillip Hamilton chibi art

Voice Acting – Hamilton on Clubhouse

I recently performed in Hamilton 😂 I’ve been building a large community on Clubhouse since joining in October.

I was introduced to Director Toni Thai Sterrett through 72andSunny ‘s sherina florence and was taken with Toni’s idea to produce an on-platform performance of Hamilton, like Noelle Chesnut Whitmore did with The Lion King!

I auditioned for #Clubhouse “Hamilton: A Burrspective” in December and recently performed as Phillip for over 20,000 listeners, including Snoop Dogg, Gina Belafonte, and Fab 5 Freddy 🥳 Two Broadway cast members even gave us notes💖

I’m now motivated to lean into my voice talent, as an escape, an outlet and a dream. I hope to be heard on radios, GPS’ and audiobooks near you by this time next year. 💡🧿

Thanks Toni for seeing (well, hearing) me and our talented cast 💓 #community#voiceactor#studentvoices

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