Virtual Visibility Workshop ft. USC OWN IT and Dev@FB

I’ve been touring my virtual visibility workshop and encouraging everyone to establish and grow their digital footprints for a boost in their career success.

The central idea of my workshop is to convince you to treat yourself like a brand online – you become the lightbulb the moths are attracted to instead of chasing opportunities.

Instead of receiving a bunch of no’s, you become the subject of an abundance of opportunity by optimizing your virtual visibility!

One of the most recent audiences of the workshop was USC OWN IT! This organization is a student-run, non-profit org that connects undergrad students at the University of Southern California to powerful, inspiring, and motivating women like Alyson Stoner, Rachel Scott, Coco Bassey and so many more! I was honored to be among them.

I also delivered my workshop at Dev@FB. In collaboration with ColorinTech, they designed a 4-week leadership development program to provide learning experiences for tech professionals.

The results?

  • Program content received a rating of 4.5/5 stars overall
  • 91.7% of attendees said the program was valuable use of their time

I am always looking for new opportunities to share insight with my peers, and students who need to develop a virtual visibility mindset. If you’d like me to host the Visibility Workshop for your audience, please visit this page!

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