“FBI” Goes Viral

Sooooo – I went viral on TikTok and Instagram after a @theshaderoom re-share!

These comments definitely made me laugh, and had me ROLLING! Is this y’all?

“Lmaooooo all feelings FALL BACK all feelings FALL BACK😂😂”

“Just did this recently and due to the results of my investigation I do have to in fact build the roster from the ground. I h*te that for me 😂😂😂”

“When I say we don’t play no games! I bet you if they put black women on the case there would be less unsolved mysteries. Believe that 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“This was on point! Give her a oscar🔥”

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here’s a breakdown: The Feds (each..myself) call a meeting after watching the story of the last person on my dating roster. In the story, they heard a female voice in the background and someone shouting the name “Stephanie”. The Bureau cross-referenced anyone with that name on his friends list and came across a potential match. She seemed to be perfect for him, which told me I needed to re-build my entire roster!

Here is the video from my TikTok account, and a few other comments that warmed my cold fed heart:

“This could be a movie and I would pay to go see it”

“Ok when are you having this series on Netflix😂😂😂”

“Ok wow you need to be a screen writer this is incredible”

In part 2 on my TikTok, I actually end up kidnapping Steph….and most importantly….coming to her as a woman (We know what this means LOL!):


Reply to @selenadanielle12 The FBI Part 2 👀 #dating #fypage

♬ original sound – Joy Ofodu

The numbers don’t lie! And I was super fascinated by the analytics/growth rate as a marketer. Major shout out to my intern Meklit Iyob-Tessema for the guidance:

Let’s keep going!

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