New Voice of The Daily Shine

Oh, hey! I’m the newest voice of The Daily Shine meditation on @theshineapp. This is a Black and Asian woman-owned meditation and empowerment app + podcast with over 4 million members in 189 countries.

You’ve been asking to meditate with me for a solid year, and I heard you! Such a dream to voice some of my toughest lessons, like self-care, through the Shine app for the next month. You can download Shine on the App and Play stores, OR listen on podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify.

Your Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Savor Your Small Wins

Make ‘Good Enough’ Your Goal

You Are Brave


“The meditation was beyond good!!! joy girl, thank you thank you I’m going to dance at your wedding.” – Anonymous (5 stars)

“Powerful!” – Nina (5 stars)

“Love the sound and tone of her voice. Very calming.” – Colette (5 stars)

“This was a helpful practice for thinking about setting appropriate expectations for anything on which you are working. Thanks, Joy!” – Jamie (5 stars)

“This had a very deep meaning for me. Made me re think how I look at starting something I am unsure of. This was powerful. Thank you.” – Camden (5 stars)

“Beautiful voice!” – Anonymous (5 stars)

“I love it, thanks.” – Chi (5 stars)

“Speaking to my ADHD!” – Olivia (5 stars)

“Just what the doctor needed!!” – Benti (5 stars)

“I loved this speaker, and really needed this message today.” – LaTasha (5 stars)

Let’s keep going!

I encourage everyone to listen, and start the journey to setting intention over your life. Meditation and reflection have been extremely beneficial to me throughout my life so far, and I can’t wait to hear how this app helps you. Let me know what you think!

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