FEB 22 Beyond BHM: Black Business Marketplace

Shop The Businesses + Listen to The Replay

Aurora Tights
Be Rooted
Black Rose Pastries/ Steel City Bakery
Bluecentric Shop
BRASH – Use Code KickMyAsh222 for 22% off
Chef Cassi’s Table
Coloring Pins
Doers Beat Thinkers
Dr. Frita (Under Pressure)
ElonWick Candle Co.
Gaby Moss Designs
Je Mérite
Knife N Spoon – Use Code EATMOREVEGGIES for 50% off
Miss EmpowHer
Range Beauty
Sienna Sauce
w/ Joy Ofodu, Abraxas Higgins, scotty, LetaShae, Brandon Ellis, Dr. Atoosa Kourosh — All Are Welcome 👋🏾 Meet founders and shop LIVE from various businesses within the U.S. Black community. Learn how to support them beyond Black History Month. 5:30PST/8:30EST

Hosting on Clubhouse again, in one of the LARGEST #socialaudio Clubs🎉 TUES FEB 22 – Discover 20+ Black-owned brands and shop LIVE in the Clubhouse Community Club! #SupportBlackBusiness

A few friends and I set around and thought: “What better way to bring #blackownedbusiness discovery to people during #BlackHistoryMonth than to host a rotating marketplace, interviewing founders one by one and pinning their shippable links to the top of the stage?”

We’re excited to be innovators of this format in a club that boasts over 300,000 members! Join us to shop OR learn how you and your family can support Black Business beyond BHM 🤎

Add to Calendar: https://lnkd.in/eF7qNxU8

A huge congrats to our friends at Brash for their first round of seed equity at the end of December 2021! You can shop the above businesses and more during and after our “Beyond BHM” event to support them all year round.

We are so proud of our first cohort – celebrate their success with us; Happy BHM!

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