My First Webseries – Hard Launch

A hairy elbow in the corner. An unfamiliar voice in the background.

People have “soft launched” their partners on social media in so many creative ways, but now it feels overdone.

How about a Hard Launch?

“Hard Launch: A digital creator reveals her hidden partner, with help from the fictional characters she created to get through the trials of online dating.”

MY FIRST webseries and a true labor of love; I wrote, directed, produced and starred in the most dear project alongside my boyfriend, who I met online after almost 2 years and over 2,000 #datingapp swipes!

It also features NEW music from indie artists I’m insaaaane about – two songs that are bound to get stuck in your head.

To support the Hard Launch webseries, subscribe to “Joy Ofodu” on #YouTube at the link below.

It will also stream on Kold Open this month!

Subscribe for Hard Launch – premiering August 26th

Feel free to download and share the poster above! Anyone who enjoys Black love and giggles is a good candidate.

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