The Sales-Off Episode 1 Dropped Today!

You can watch me as Jake (the brown deer) in The Sales Off, out now on YouTube. This was my first animated series regular and lead. Jake’s head is up in the clouds, and it’s funny how our real lives and curiosities have begun to intersect. At what cost?


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CREDITS — Directed by:
– Aaron Carothers
– Kaari McBride Written by:
– Kaari McBride
– Aaron Carothers Featuring the voices of:
– Kevin Urban as Vincent
– Joy Ofodu as Jake
– Justin Reighard as Mr. Watterson
– Edwyn Tiong as ???

Original Score by:
– Adam Barnett “Elevator Music”
– Licensed from Absinthe Media
Animation by: – Aaron Carothers
Poster Graphic by: – Aronel Brennan
Ending Concept by: – Mason Beauchamp-Ramos

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