Dating Unsettled Show – New Videos and Podcast Episodes

Three new Dating Unsettled videos (matching already-available podcast episodes) are ready for your viewing pleasure and general merriment!

I’m Moving Around – Take Me to the Podcast

Hopeless Romantic Society STAND UP

Joy interviews @hopelessromanticsociety host and creator Jahad (J.C.) Carter – J.C. has reached over 33 million people with his on-the-street interviews of New Yorkers who may or may not be down bad horribly no good romantics. They chat about J.C.’s love life, cultural background around dating, coming out and being a “baby gay” with a mic and a dream.

Surviving the Split and Infidelity with the Faith Filled Femme

Joy interviews a friend who experienced infidelity during her engagement and surprisingly wanted to stay. Until she didn’t. Meet Brijet Finister (The Faith Filled Femme).

BONUS EPISODE: I’m Afraid of Prioritizing You

In this bonus episode, Joy responds to an Unsettler’s DM. This Unsettler is concerned about prioritizing someone while studying for a master’s degree.

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