Shooting a Quarantine Wedding at Nestldown

A camera swinging at each hip from my new harness. The threat of rain by way of a morning drizzle and afternoon mist. A costly missed turn through the winding roads to Nestldown.

This day in December started in wild nerves, but soon I was surrounded by ancient trees and enveloped in the silence of the Los Gatos forest. Not to mention, the friendly giggly faces of the Leetch-Paredes kids I hadn’t seen since September!

Shooting an outdoor wedding in Quarantine meant a few things:

  • staying masked up while breathing measuredly (and trying to capture 10-15 moving pieces)
  • maintaining 6 feet of distance from all subjects
  • no hugs or handshakes
  • no huge wedding party
  • a bit less pressure – the freedom to try some poses over again, without a crowd of guests to escape to

Ok – now for photos from a beautiful day with a beautiful family!

It was an honor to capture this special day, as a bright light in a dark time. If you have a wedding coming up, get in touch with me here 🙂

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