Look, Ma! I’m on Humans of USC!


Yesterday, I was featured on Humans of USC! My lovely friend and fellow Annenberg Scholar featured me and shot me around campus; here are some of the words that tumbled out of my mouth:

“People are the best. I just love people. You don’t hear that enough. Everyone is so different. It’s like everyone is powered by some sort of strange kind of jewel like in the Sims, everyone’s jewel above their head is green, but I don’t think everyone’s jewel is green. I don’t know that’s so weird to say… People make me happy. Everyone is alive…and it’s just interesting to hear their stories. The best thing we have on this earth is people, so I treasure them.”

So glad that Ali let me be a part of this! You should all check out @humans_ofusc and read my peers’ amazing stories!


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