The 5 Ways You Identified Explore USC Students

You saw them around campus: chattering, nervous, green as grass, occasionally decked out in a newly-purchased Pertusuati Bookstore sweatshirt or polo (Thanks, moms). But how could you be sure the student you saw is a high-school senior and not the kid you’ve been seeing in EVK all semester long?

You probably knew because:

1. They traveled in large, assorted droves, always sticking together.

2. They were deathly afraid of the insane bikers on Trousdale (aren’t we all?)

3. “What’s Ground Zero?”

4. They were full of promise, intellect and wonder at the marvelous institution we get to call home.

Or maybe it was just because…

5. They wore slightly skewed white badges citing their name and place of origin (you know, in case they got lost)

To read about my genuine Explore USC experiences, click here 😉

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