Throwback Thursday: What You Missed at the 19th Annual Ed Wood Film Festival

The Ed Wood Film Festival Red Carpet Screening went down at The Radisson on Friday, March 6th! Students were challenged to make a better film than the notorious Ed Wood in 24 hours. I was honored and excited to do PR for this event and bring in a packed house of filmmakers, friends, floor-mates, impromptu Tinder dates and attendees dressed to the nines!

We were joined by execs from the top film and television studios in Los Angeles; they served as celebrity judges for the fantastic finalists! Awards were dished out to deserving winners for Best Direction, Writing, Cinematography and more, but these are the ones I had to share:

Joy’s Cheeky Favorite: Hazelnut Seduction

Audience’s Choice and Best Directing Winner: Females and Males
(Definitely pulled on the heartstrings and tickled the funny bones)

Disgusting and Bloody Brilliant [NSFW]: Roof

Best Film Overall: Risk-y Business
(Punny, thoughtful and a real treat)

What are your thoughts on these films? Feel free to hit the comments below + You’re welcome to peek at the other finalists on YouTube!

Check out the 15 Minute Red Carpet makeup guide I created for this event here!

Much love,

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