Internship Day 1 is Way Done!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve started my internship in the Marketing department of a rather fascinating company. Their mission? To inspire an entire generation of consumers to think secondhand first. They’re responsible for creating the nation’s first and largest online clothing consignment company. Each day this summer, I get to impact this rapidly growing U.S. startup where executives work from beanbags and couches, gourmet cuisine is catered to voracious interns weekly and it’s scary and fun and overwhelming and awesome!

Where am I interning, you ask?

 As a thrifter and lover of all things digital, interning for thredUP just made sense! I’m not a huge fan of breaking the bank on brand names so I know that I can use my creativity and web savvy to inspire others to appreciate a smart find and market the thredUP brand magnificently! I’m working with an excellent team to disrupt familiar methods and spaces.

Like, Intern-Voice off: secondhand shopping just makes sense and has always allowed me to get a whole new wardrobe much faster! (I’m wearing a $3 maxi skirt and $1 formal top as I type this). To do so from the palm of my hand or chilling in bed or the office with my laptop is a unique experience. This isn’t your average commission internship; I’m excited to innovate away sans pressure. There’s no telling what I, alongside the other Wolfpack interns, will accomplish!

living it UP,

Shameless: If you want to treat yourself to FREE thredUP merch on me, I can get you $10 off your purchase! Click here or copy this link into your browser:

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