Instagram: Day 1 is Way Done

My first day at Hacker Way went swimmingly – I drowned myself in Facebook’s mission and values, and met hundreds of other interns from across the globe. Not only is Day 1 Way Done, but Week 1 is Way Done, too. And I never would have imagined that so much would transpire in such a short time as an Instagram intern:

1. n00b Orientation

An unforgettable day. I was re-assured that I truly belonged at the company by most everyone who crossed my path, and was inspired by the idea that I would work on projects that could potentially affect over 2 billion people. The idea of that still shakes me, and is why I hop out of bed dancing.

2. Cloud Surfing

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It's a good life [2/3]

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I may be a Facebook intern, but I’m an Instagram intern first! I got to meet my team, one that oversees a global network of teen influencers, activations and research. Instagram is, essentially, Communication Candyland. And in my role, I am Charlie. It’s pretty sweet. Okay, I’m done.

3. Yes, New Friends

Between my roommate, folks from Orientation and from various brunches, it already feels like I have a network up here. You’ll often hear me say, “I gotta intern in LA. I gotta try LA entertainment.” When I’m not poking at Hollywood during the school year, I turn back to SF tech, SF entertainment, and now Silicon Valley tech. I think there’s a reason I’ve been up here and not down in SoCal every summer. I think I love Bay Area people, and their brilliance, and their kindness and their innovations. I love surrounding myself with these folks, because they motivate me to move faster. It only took 5 days to remember that.

4. Maymesteriversary Already?


Along with my boss and Instagram’s COO (pictured below), I got to welcome the next wave of students from the Annenberg program that first introduced me to Instagram! It happened exactly one year later. Talk about full circle!

5. Visits from the Facebook Fam

I got to round out my week by hearing from two of the most influential men in technology (and in city governance). I promise there’s no better way to learn about the vision for both Facebook and Instagram. Between the CEO Q&As, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti kept up the LA visitor trend by speaking to our company about the power of the platform. Can you spot me? 😉

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Joined the #instafam today at #themothership

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And that makes five amazing, unforgettable, jam-packed days to serve as my introduction to the two wonderful companies I’ll be a part of this summer. Thank you all for supporting the journey!

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