If You Give a Girl a Camera…

She’ll take it to lunch in the city at her fashion start-up internship and start snapping away.

I’ve been working alongside these fantastic humans (and a host of others) to create media marketing magic, valuable customer service experiences, a whole lot of noise in the office and, most importantly, Google Sheets presentations that you wouldn’t believe! They make such natural subjects for the camera so I always try to take advantage of a leftover video-shoot setup or lucky lunchtime lighting.

This is still the work of my borrowed Canon t2i+ Photoshop; I’ve a mind to step up my camera game and buy my own t5i when I get back to Los Angeles. For now, I’ll try to make the most of these last few weeks at my job; I’m loving every minute.

More photos coming soon, and when I get back to old ‘SC, I’ll return to red carpets and entertainment industry insights. I promise πŸ˜‰


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