Girls Just Wanna Have Fitness Photo-shoots

Yesterday, I took on my first fitness shoot with the usual tools (Canon t2i, EF-S 55-250mm lens, Photoshop). I had intentions to employ baby oil and other devices to create that sweaty, muscle-y look that’s usually characteristic of athletic models, but I settled for a more natural look that still flattered.

Blue: Victoria Secret/Pink VSX Fitness
Neon: Nike Dri-Fit

We had a lot of fun on this one! In lieu of baby oil (err, maybe next time), I simply utilized shadows/posing to bring out her muscles; I’m very satisfied with the results.

This will remain high on the list of favorite shoots, not only because I ventured into new waters, but also because it forced me to pay a lot more attention to posing. It was burning hot outside! How can I get an action shot with the least motion possible? How can I get a still shot to scream, “Active”?

We stuck to power stances, dribbling, yoga and stretches. Now that I have a good idea of how it works, I’m eager to grow in this arena and maybe even move into portrait lighting to get better effects. The ultimate goal? Project physical majesty like the photographer(s) of the ESPN Body 2015. Now that’s a fitness photo-shoot.

Dreaming of the day,


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