Friday Is Forever! Internships Are Not.

Happy Friday!

While some are planning weekend getaways and packing for Fall semester (gee, I should get on that), I’m sitting on the floor of a nearly empty office in San Francisco at the end of the day, stunned at the fact that my first internship has drawn to a close.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding summer at thredUP, the nation’s largest online consignment store (Sorry, can’t shake the Marketing bug once you catch it). In June, I was granted the opportunity to work with an incredible cohort of girls (and some camera-shy guys) on Marketing initiatives in PR, Acquisition/Retention, Product & Design at this neat not-so-little start-up. We made countless videos, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, GIFS, content calendars, social media ads and memories.

The people in the office are, simply put, incredible human beings. They’re loud and quiet and funny and as sharp as tacks. I know I’ll miss their company something fierce. Here are a few snippets of the best professional summer I’ll never forget:

I cut together a few cute videos for your viewing pleasure

Thankfully, I don’t have to say goodbye just this minute. I’m continuing on as a remote employee this Fall 😉 Secondhand, first!

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