Tweeting for the NAACP #ImageAwards

I had the amazing opportunity to work for the NAACP Image Awards, creating and tweeting content for their February 5th Awards Show, tagging influencers and gauging the black Twitter community. The account gained 1,500 followers under my wing! My work gained the attention of stars like Laverne Cox, The Rock, Anthony Anderson and brands/outlets such as CBS Television Studios, Ebony Magazine, Nielsen, Wells Fargo, Empire on FOX, Hollywood Reporter, Creed, various radio stations and the NAACP.


I created five-ups of the nominees and tagged them for maximum effect – the fans went crazy and started retweeting with their predictions!

You’d be surprised at what I can do with 140 characters.

Wednesday: 2 Days Until Showtime

Then, on Wednesday, February 3rd, I joined the team in-person for a hot-topic Symposium called Pictures, Power, Progress: Pathways to Inclusion. It focused on key issues impacting the lack of diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry.


Again, I  was tasked with live-tweeting the symposium and engaging the presenters in person and on Twitter. I pulled the best quotes out of the air and fed them to the digital community.

Friday: The #ImageAwards LIVE!

Fast forward to my last day of work for the show: Tweeting Friday’s red carpet arrivals and live-tweeting the show in-house from the fourth row, sitting with Sanaa Lathan, Keegan-Michael Key, Ice Cube and Kerry Washington.

Step 1) Shoot interviews with the AT&T @TeeHive team from the carpet. Check out this one with Empire’s 3-time award winner, Jussie Smollet! All other interviews are being steadily uploaded to the IMG Awards Facebook Page, so hang tight!

Step 2) Tweet during the live show! Here are some of my tweets that helped take #ImageAwards to the #1 Trending Topic on both coasts:

Post-Show: Backstage

My iPhone buzzing with thousands of Twitter notifications, I milled around backstage to capture a few final, precious moments between celebrated honorees.

With thousands of new followers, satisfied fans, a nationwide Trending Topic and Moment (Click here to read “It’s Lit at the NAACP Image Awards”), I considered it a week’s work well done.

Who will I create content for next?

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