The Life-Changing Gold Facial: Spa Week at Onsen Lab

I can’t believe it’s not silver! I had a great time cozying up in the insanely fluffy chair at Onsen Lab in West Hollywood yesterday! As part of my Spa Week coverage for CVLUX California Vibe Magazine and Cherry Los Angeles, I got to sit down to the exclusive 24-Karat Japanese Gold Facial which will be offered during Spa Week for: $245 $50

I can’t believe it either.

From April 11th-17thSpa Week is back to remind us about the importance of taking care of ourselves by treating injuries and stress. Spa Week has successfully spread this message for over a decade and their biannual events enable millions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Hundreds of spa, wellness, and fitness facilities will be offering premium full-service treatments at a major discount of $50 each.

At Onsen, I also took advantage of their customized scan and VISIA Complexion Analysis Report. I could definitely improve in Spots, Wrinkles and Pores, but at least I have little-no sun exposure (could it be all the video editing?)

You can get a personalized scan and walk away with tailored oil minimizers, hydrators, damage correctors and cell stimulators mixed especially for you in the lab! It’s like something out of a science-fiction flick. Scary good.

What are you waiting for? Pick your Spa Week treat and UNPLUG! Allow yourself the time to truly rebalance and heal your mind and body in California and other U.S. states where the sun shines on ya (Unless you’re me)


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