What the Bay Area Maymester Does to You

During the inaugural USC Annenberg Maymester Bay Area program, 16 students (including Yours Truly) were granted the opportunity to dive into the communication and media departments of a variety of corporations, including (but not limited to) Pixar Animation Studios, Intel, Google and Facebook.

The Baymester is likely to:

  • Make you fall in love with San Francisco
  • Open your eyes to communication/journalism roles in tech that you weren’t previously aware of
  • Give you a newfound appreciation for casual dress in the workplace
  • Enable you to competently speak on tech, venture capital and digital storytelling
  • Teach you something about yourself and your USC Annenberg peers that will shock you, warm you, and never leave you.

This video was one of the most difficult to capture, curate and release (like grooming a wild liger for a pet show) but I can’t begin to describe how proud I am of the final product, and of my cohort.

You can recap our adventures on Instagram and Twitter through #MaymesterBayArea #Baymester and #baemester

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