My Top 5 Rogue One Integrations

As an intern-turned-fan, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Star Wars franchise by those who built it brick-by-brick! (This made watching the credits until the end a very rewarding experience). As I sit here on my birthday, a brand new recipient of 18-inch Force Awakens figures, I can’t help but reflect on how SW has impacted my life in the past year. And most importantly: How much I loved Rogue One! Without further ado, here are my favorite integration/promotions from the flick:

1. Uber POOL, Uber Español, Uber Tie?

Rogue One took over for one week to provide a RO-themed in-app experience, accompanied by exclusive trailers! This felt like a natural integration and was definitely the perfect place to reach me & millions of daily users in December. Bravo!

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2. The Sith Snap Back

A Snapchat filter on the night of the premiere was a must (Though I wish I could’ve been on the Rebel side)! Plus the nationwide Rogue One Story was full of cute memories and opening weekend reactions (Perfect way to document a $290M worldwide box office debut!)

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3. Because A New Set of Funko Was Too Cute Not To Do


This month, we welcomed the sweet release of a brand new set of our favorite pop culture figurines – The giveaway made it not just playable, but interactive, too!

4. Force 4 Fashion – Target’s Force for Change Campaign


You already know that FFC was my whole life this summer. It was so cool to leave a tiny thumbprint on this campaign which leveraged the power of celebrity influencers to contribute tee proceeds to UNICEF’s Kid Power Program!

5. Trojan Empire


Need I say more about the co-branded tees, socks, blankets and flags that bore Death Trooper images and SC logos in the SAME PLACE?! Honestly, truly, enough said. The familiar faces in the store display were enough to draw existing franchise fans in, and I’m sure they may have caught a glimpse of more faves during the film 😉

Enjoy Rogue One & remember: Rebellions are built on smart promos!

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