Time for a JORD Giveaway!


I received a beautiful little box from JORD, the kind all girls dream of getting, and it has inspired me to deliver a real honest photoset.

I partnered with model friend Erica Draud to put JORD’s gorgeous wood watches on display and provide all of my followers with the chance to win $25 or $100 off of a brand new timepiece AND tell our relatable stories about relationships and time!

JORD makes beautifully crafted watches for men and women (p.s. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!) After you read our stories, I’m sure you’ll catch the love bug, too.

My watch is the Reece Zebrawood & Emerald (with touches of maple) – JORD’s Constant Confidence piece! I feel like it matches my personality pretty well:

You’re known for your composure, your constant confidence. You deserve a watch that displays the same poise. Our Swiss movement timepiece features straight edged angles creating a powerful profile.


Wanna boost your constant confidence? Enter now for your chance to dazzle!

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