Spring Forward with JORD (Giveaway)

IMG_0797.jpgIf you had a chance to click through the New Hobbi photoset, you have already become directly acquainted with Cyrus: a USC grad and part-time Instagram model, muscle security guard and voiceover actor…

Tell them about the time you tackled that insane Kendall Jenner stalker!

That never happened.

Tell them about the time Chris Hemsworth entered the room and you started measuring up and found that you were taller.

That definitely happened.

For all of his tough creative work, I invited Wannabe-Thor to be the face & wrist of the newest JOY x JORD giveaway.

I think the two met quite nicely.

And if you remember how I shot Erica’s campaign, then you remember that there’s no way I’d fall victim to watch modeling cliches. Cyrus and I had to go big.


We had to pick and choose the best shots to represent how he felt about Spring.

Trees were climbed and objects were levitated.

Chronograph watches were originally invented for tracking astronomical objects in the sky. Do you believe in magic?

Obviously. Look at the pictures we took.

When’s the last time you felt super in tune with the universe?

We are the universe and it is us, so I’m always in tune.

How do you make time stand still?

When you’re really in the moment, time becomes an afterthought.

What are you going to make time for this summer?

I don’t know I don’t have the power to make time. That’d be cool though.

And there you have it!

I have partnered with JORD to give away a FREE Conway! The winner will be given a code that they will use at check out to get the free Conway and everyone who enters will receive a $25 gift code and 15% off, anyway! (Remember, celeb bodyguards aren’t the only ones invited to shop, JORD has lovely womens’ watches, too 😉

To enter: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/joyofodu

(Pssst. You can skip the wait and steal Cyrus’ chronograph here!)

Watch Gift Ideas

Remember – you have until 5/14 to enter! Don’t waste time 😉

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