The View from Cabo

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Voy a escuchar en silencio

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It’s been awhile since I’ve explicitly travel-blogged, but I plan to see more of the world in the coming years (schedule permitting) and have some beautiful photos to share of my first international trip in 2018!

We’re in Cabo San Lucas, México this week!

The resort has a private beach, so I felt safe snorkeling for the first time! Crabs crawling on the rocks protecting their treasures, alla dat. The fish ranged from tiny & frightening to beautiful and frightening. When I dove in, I think I was a little bit of both to them:

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Voy a reír 😁

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As soon as we finished touring the resort, I HAD to catch the pool vibes:


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Para encontrar el camino #blacktravelfeed

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I was immediately taken with the beauty of this place, the friendliness of the people and peace of the waters. Every conversation I have en Español reminds me of my love for the language and its associated cultures. Sounds like total hooplah, but much needed after the stress of returning to LA for my final semester in college.

Keeping it short, sweet & clear because that’s how I need my mental to be to get through these next few weeks of transitioning into full swing.

Love from your fav Aguanile,

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