Un Día en La Marina

Continuaremos nuestra visita a Los Cabos con el mar de Cortés y Downtown Cabo San Lucas!

I’ve been asked for travel tips RE: México, so here’s a complete newbie perspective –

  • Airfare is cheap here! The flight took 2.25 – 2.40 from LAX > Cabo. Use the Hopper App, Google Flights, and ANY advice @hey_ciara has to offer on affordable, frequent travel! Start looking a few months in advance. Hopper will tell you when to buy. I trust Southwest & appreciate that they never have hidden fees.
  • Travel light (a backpack + a roller carry-on) to get through Customs quickly. Don’t bring fresh produce, more than $10K cash or weapons with you. Arrive in the MORNING or face 1-2 hours in line at Customs. Don’t forget your passport!

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  • You only need 3 pairs shoes: flip flops, sneakers and sandals. Okay, and nice shoes if you go dancing.
  • Pre-purchase Los Cabos Airport Shuttles to & from your destination ($19 ea. way). You can pay online. Schedule a stop at a grocery store to skip exorbitant resort food prices. Grocery baggers are not salaried – tip them $2-3 for their service. Tip your driver $10+ for great service. Do NOT try to arrange transpo at the airport if you can’t speak Spanish or hate timeshare plugs.
  • Do NOT exchange your USD for pesos at the airport or anywhere. USD is accepted everywhere. Carry a significant amount of cash in 1s, 10s and 20s. for activities, tipping, etc. Hold onto it.
  • Downtown is safe & fun & full of good food! Just bring a zippered bag you can keep on ya and use all of your street sense. If you get hungry, try Tacos Guss ($1.50/taco) (open til 4AM)
  • Do endure a timeshare presentation to get 40-50% off of activities like dolphin encounters, ATV, parasailing and cruises.

Speaking of cruises, I felt it was high time to get down to the Marina & see Los Cabos beyond our resort! We went around Cortés and the Pacific with the friendly crew of Tours R’ Fun. They tried to play American songs to appeal to tourists (Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believing, Wobble) and their dance moves had me all smiles:


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I’m sharing all of this from a GORGEOUS balcony view with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing, wind rushing through palm leaves and desert birds singing in my ears. I hope you find a similar peace wherever you may be reading this.

They will have to drag me back to LA by force,

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