Speaking at the Tri-Valley Leadership Conference

New IGTV Video: My Journey Beyond HS

This little dork spoke at TVLC, a gathering of hundreds of leadership students in the Tri-Valley!

Last time, I was at this conference as an attendee. I was a nerdy, energetic student with a dream of taking on the entertainment industry during college.

Since then, I’ve had my photography published, I’ve covered red carpets, I’ve contributed to nationally-acclaimed film & TV research, had 11 professional roles and graduated from a top university as a full-tuition merit scholar and Salutatorian. I got hired at the #1 place to work and largest social network in the world.

I had no idea about my destiny, I just knew it was huge.

Students came up to me with hugs, questions about USC, Lucasfilm, Instagram, huaraches, saying No, being Black.. all because I got to spend an hour with 300 of them, clowning around. Is this real life?

Watch the video on my IGTV now!

Where should I speak next? Let me know!

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