Catching You Up on Winter 2019

Ok I know – I’m super late!

But since I haven’t shared a blog post since YMS, I thought it made sense to catch you up on my whirlwind Fall and Winter.

Messed around and did a second YMS

We continued the Afropunk magic in Atlanta

Powered through an October & November of blickity Blackness & recruiting

Continued public speaking in Northern & Southern California:

After some dazzling holiday parties & a quiet birthday celebration…

I reflected painfully and prayerfully on life and moved forward with as much love as I had. It was a long, quiet Winter. I ended the year by articulating everything I needed in the New Year, helpfully illustrated by Saint West:

And that’s where the story stops. It really felt like a full and complete year, easily the one that grew me the most and which my outlook on life changed the most dramatically. My heart broke and re-broke and re-broke and I picked up the pieces and triumphed. I wore my heart on me at all times. I stayed close to God.

I could not be prouder of my 2019.

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