Catching You Up on Winter 2019

Ok I know – I’m super late!

But since I haven’t shared a blog post since YMS, I thought it made sense to catch you up on my whirlwind Fall and Winter.

Messed around and did a second YMS

We continued the Afropunk magic in Atlanta

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I think THE cool encounter of the weekend was getting to meet Shaniqwa Jarvis and be photographed by her. And to talk about what it’s like to be a photographer at that level, how much autonomy and creativity and blackness and you-ness you get to bring to each set. I live in brighter color. Her work is guidance in being muted and powerful but never silent. Thank you for inviting me into the dressing room to take my first true moment to stop and reflect during the festival. I asked if these would be edited and you laughed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that’s the natural energy I’m trying to get on. My outfit is inspired by our afrofuture. Our ancient power. Wearing to pieces I bought in Atlanta to remember my first time here. This city is gold.

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Powered through an October & November of blickity Blackness & recruiting

Continued public speaking in Northern & Southern California:

After some dazzling holiday parties & a quiet birthday celebration…

I reflected painfully and prayerfully on life and moved forward with as much love as I had. It was a long, quiet Winter. I ended the year by articulating everything I needed in the New Year, helpfully illustrated by Saint West:

And that’s where the story stops. It really felt like a full and complete year, easily the one that grew me the most and which my outlook on life changed the most dramatically. My heart broke and re-broke and re-broke and I picked up the pieces and triumphed. I wore my heart on me at all times. I stayed close to God.

I could not be prouder of my 2019.

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