The Evolution of Tech in Creative with General Assembly on SEP 30

I’m a General Assembly Instructor now bruhhh; it’s big leagues! Join me at “The Creative Chat” on September 30th so we can geek out together about tech, inclusion and creativity.

About This Event

GA X ElewaTv welcomes attendees to a new space, a series of conversations about the future of technology and its influence in the creative process, especially for beauty, fashion, and cultural industries. ElewaTv has invited powerhouse panelists to team up to share their insights, personal experiences, and educational tidbits, to help you on your creative tech journey. Our panel will cover what more we should be doing in the creative space as technology is evolving.

Join us for an opportunity to not only learn, but also to network with those who are paving the way for diversity and inclusion in the creative industry. The Creative Chat is a call to action: giving voice, strategy, and opportunity, to help creators and entrepreneurs build their next successful brands/businesses. Vendors will be available during the Educational Booths session along with entertainment by DJ HOLUP! Read our takeaway list and speaker bios for further program details.

NOTE: The 6pm-8pm EST part of the program is for the panel and educational booths. Feel free to come and go as you wish for entertainment and networking till 9pm EST.

Sign Up Here!

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