Speaking at Everygirls Rise Aug-Oct 2020

The Everygirl announced the lineup for their 1st virtual edition of Everygirls Rise – featuring yours truly on August 29th and October 3rd! 🥳

You can register for the October 3rd professional panel here

I’m excited to represent Facebook at this conference for the 2nd consecutive year, and go beyond the professional accomplishments to talk about burnout, pandemic dating and anything else that springs up💀

In August, I spoke on a personal fulfillment panel, speaking to some of the rituals and mantras I’ve used to get through the pandemic thus far. It was a trip to see Story posts from conference attendees with my egghead + voice broadcast into kitchens and living rooms 😮

In this short time, I’ve:

  • Been a semi-finalist for a competitive industry program
  • Wrapped my first half after being promoted
  • Ended a beautiful first relationship
  • Started dating again
  • Applied, was admitted to & started grad school
  • Mentored 2 girls with a custom program
  • Launched my online course
  • Referred 100+ underrepresented people to Facebook
  • Booked 15+ speaking engagements with AUDACITY Digi, DubHacks, Stanford Ignite, OWNIT, General Assembly and more

And to get here, I’ve had to keep:

  • dancing in the mirror and the kitchen and in Stories
  • meditating before bed
  • watching good/bad films & TV
  • resting mercilessly
  • journaling
  • forgiving myself for not being or feeling as productive
  • thinking big-picture

It’s been a trip, and I show no signs of stopping (unless my body asks me to 😉

October is STRICTLY BUSINESS! If you want to hear more about my & others’ professional experience, you can register for the October 3rd professional panel here


La Marca cheers and hugs from me,

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