The Better Together Project

As we celebrate #NigerianIndependenceDay #NigeriaAt60 – I’m reminded of how colonization and slavery have affected our people and culture worldwide, especially in the United States.

I’m partnering with @mmupsx to support #TheBetterTogetherProject and the memorialization of the African-American experience through initiatives aimed at healing our nation. Please swipe to learn more and sign the petition: We can memorialize plantations.

We can demand the dark parts of our history be taught honestly in public schools. We can call on all industries to address the impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade, in a way we’ve never been forced to reckon with.

Who’s with me?

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Better Together with Joy Ofodu. Meet our partner @joyofodu. Joy’s mission in life is to empower on/offline communities. An Associate Brand Marketing Manager, she has been recognized as one to watch in the marketing and technology industry, centering Black people and girls in her programs, mentorship, art and digital content. Joy is the instructor of "Find Joy in Your Journey," an online course designed for young professionals. She is also a M.S. in Marketing student at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business and an alumna of USC's African American Cinema Society and Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.We honor and celebrate Joy’s work and are thrilled to be partnering with her as we continue to facilitate new schools of thought and ideas. #melaninmeetups #mmupsx #rewritethenarrative #bettertogether The Better Together Project, is an expansive agenda that promotes the memorialization of the African-American experience through ground-breaking initiatives meant to heal and advance the community, creating cultural reform in the nation. Led by a pledge, our initiatives serve as a call to action to begin to unify the Black American community's narrative by partnering with the Whitney Plantation, (the nation’s first plantation to memorialize slavery) to faciliatate the memorialization of plantations and stop the glamorization of plantation tourism; implementing Ida B. Well’s literature in reading curriculums across schools; to working with leading African-American scholars to memorialize our evolving narrative in the country. Find out more at You can find Joy Ofodu on Instagram and Twitter @joyofodu.

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